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Growler Guncam Downloads

Guncam installer, version
This is the download for the current release version of Guncam. If you don't have Guncam registered, it will have "www.growlersoftware.com" stamped on GIF and AVI exports after a 14 day trial. However, JPG and GCF exports will not have this stamp.

If you are going to create AVI files, it is recommended that you also download and install the XviD Codec below.

Download icon Download Guncam Installer - 1.9 MB. Released June 14, 2007

Guncam upgrade - use this if you already have Guncam installed.
Works for both registered and unregistered versions:
This version has a new interface and simplifies operation. All films are auto-saved.

Download icon Download Upgrade Installer - 700 KB. Released June 14, 2007
Rightclick and "save as" to avoid getting a chached version.

- 3.1.6 Fixed problem with Punkbuster and Battlefield2 and Battlefield 2142. Report any problems, or any other games that confict with Punkbuster when Guncam is running.
- Added the new Movie Editor
- Fixed bug
- * Added Uncompressed AVI as an export codec (replaced MSVC).
* Added fade in/out and blank video clip ability to movie editor. (Getting ready to add text overlay).
* Fixed problem where Youtube would decompress the AVI audio stream to a longer length than MediaPlayer.
- * Fixed bug where avi export would cause a crash
* Fixed bug where capture would fail
* Improved 'select' logic in Movie Editor

Xvid Codec:
This executable will intall the Xvid codec.
Download icon Download XviD V1.0.3 codec 620kB