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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

  1. Some problems have occured with NVidia video cards that have antialiasing turned on.
    solution 1 : Turn off antialiasing. On some machines, antialaising can work if the "Image Quality" setting is set to "quality", on others it doesn't work.
    solution 2 : Try using GDI capture mode in the Advanced Setup window. This can have worse performance than DirectX capture mode, but the performance seems to vary.

  2. Capture from some desktop programs is blank: Some programs use an accelerated surface to draw to that can't be captured. Check and see if the program can switch off video acceleration. This can be done in Windows Media Player: 'Tools'-> 'Options', in the 'Performance' menu tab.

  3. Problem running with other hooking aps. Some other capture programs use the same hooking mechanism as Guncam, and this can create stability issues. Try to limit running one at a time.
  4. Stuttering playback
    Make sure you are NOT using "No Compression" in the Advanced Setup window. This usually results from Guncam not being able to playback as fast as it recorded. If you export the video, and it then plays fine, this was the problem.
  5. Error message: "WARNING: Couldn't capture with DirectX. Game was using exclusive mode. Used GDI instead "

    This happens when a game is using DirectX in exclusive mode. This makes it so the DirectX capture does not work, so the program has to revert to the GDI capture method.
  6. Screen resolution switches can cause problems during recording. Try to avoid recording as the screen resolution switches (usually at the start and end of a game).
  7. If it causes the game to stutter whenever you record, try turning down the frames per second of the recorder. Or switch between DirectX capture mode or GDI capture mode.
  8. If it records fine for a bit, and then starts to stutter, this could be the result of memory becoming full.  Reduce the "Video Size" or "frames per second" in the Capture Setup window, or enable "Real time compression" in the Advanced Setup window.
  9. Some problems have occured with ATI video cards that have the V-sync turned off
    solution: Try turning v-sync to always on.
  10. If you are getting strange frames, try using switching between DirectX capture mode or GDI capture mode.
  11. Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX, and keep your video drivers up to date.